A holistic approach to risk assessment

Vulnerability assessment:
We minimize risks in a wide area of industries

We assess product and production to provide consulting for the decision-making process to minimize risks delivering safety and security benchmarks throughout all industries.


Assessing risks over a wide range of mobility: From aerospace and air taxis to self-driving cars.

Robotic /
AI / IoT

Safety and security risk assessment of industry 4.0 manufacturing sites and Artificial Intelligence.


Reducing security and safety threats of smart buildings.


Risk reduction of critical infrastructure like smart grids, water supply and telecommunication.

Safety and security analysis: Assessing internal hazards and external threats

We provide expertise for design and architecture to identify and manage risks.

We have the holistic view on cyber risk – how to define it, how to report it, and how to manage it.

Welcome to Apsys: Engineering at the cutting edge of technology

References. Risks assessed

European central bank

Apsys conducted an extended site inspection and a detailed documentation analysis as well as an investigation of further possible design and implementation flaws utilizing Apsys tools. Apsys then defined requirements for the security improvements and supported infrastructure suppliers during the implementation of the security upgrade.

Airbus Beluga XL

APSYS specialists for Safety & Design Assurance were deployed to Beluga plateau. To be successful within the time, cost and quality constraints, APSYS was required to challenge existing ways of working and to propose process and design optimizations at the Airbus facility.

Integrated logistic support optimization.

Automation of RAMS studies through Model Based Safety Analysis (MBSA)

Support risk analysis tool (ISO 27005).

The Aircraft Maintenance and Spares Information System.

OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS: Digital risk control and production optimization

The Apsys story: Protecting companies since 1985

In 1985 ten founding engineers had developed innovative methodologies for risk analysis and wanted to apply them in different industrial domains. They used the acronym APSYS which stands for Aerospatiale Protection System.


Founded in Toulouse


Apsys team Germany established


Apsys Risk Engineering GmbH founded


Office opening in Augsburg

Better together:
Our wide partner network 

Integrated into a wide network we share our knowledge with industry partners to accelerate the development of safety and security solutions.

Our Commitment:
fostering talent

With supporting Hamburg Hacker School we invest in a local initiative that is investing in showing young adults not only to use games and apps but develop them themselves and inspire them for information technology (IT) and its possibilities.


Please contact us for an individual consultation on risk and safety analysis.